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This Site was made in Loving Tribute to All The Victims, Families and the Entire Community of Littleton, Colorado as Presented by Six High School teens who are the Staff of The GMG Web Ring. If there is anything at all any of you would Like to Contribute or Comment on Here are our e-mail addresses:

Kris-(Ring manager)

Jennifer-(Assistant ring manager, graphics designer, and news editor)

Cortney-(Chief Recruiter)

Sunnie-(Assistant Recruiter)

Amy-(Awards Coordinator)

Lance-(Chat Room Coordinator)

Remembering Columbine High School

In Memory Of

Cassie Bernall ~ 17
Steven Curnow ~ 14
Corey DePooter ~ 17
Kelly Fleming ~ 16
Matthew Kechter ~ 16
Daniel Mauser ~ 15
Daniel Rohrbough ~ 15
William "Dave" Sanders ~ 47
Rachel Scott ~ 17
Isaiah Shoels ~ 18
John Tomlin ~ 16
Lauren Townsend ~ 18
Kyle Velasquez ~ Age unknown
In Memory Of

Columbine High School

This is just some information I got out of my local paper about Columbine High.

Number of students: 1,965 students in grades 9-12
Mascot: American Revolution Rebel
Mission statement: "We will teach, learn and model life skills and attitudes that prepare us to: work effectively with people; show courtesy to others; prepare for change; think critically; act responsively, and respect our surroundings"
Special Programs: Forensics, publications, outdoor lab, peer counseling, mock trial team, vocational work experience programs
Athletics: 1993 boys state soccer champions, 1997 boys state basketball state champions
Graduates: 85% go on to college
Special address:
Messages For Columbine
Community Services
Jefferson County Public Schools
P.O. Box 4001
Golden, Co. 80401-0001

The Words of a Columbine Student

On Saturday, the GMG staff recieved an e-mail from a student at Columbine who is also a member of the GMG Web Ring. Here's the e-mail she sent us as well as some words for all of you.

Dear GMG-
I am a member of the GMG ring, I am also a student at Columbine High School. I have a request for the next news letter that goes out. Please do something for us. Even if it is just doing the writting in Blue and Silver. Just something. We need the support. I know this probably seems like an odd thing to request but please also pray for us, and for our lost friends. We need all the love and caring we can get right now.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Lindsey Benge, Columbine Sophomore

As a survivor of the tragedy at Columbine High School I wanted to say thank you for the out pouring of love that has been coming through from all over the country. It means more then you will ever know. The students have lost friends.. and we have also lost our innocence. But we will fight back and prove just how much Rebel Pride we have. I pray that this will never happen to anyone ever again.. you never know who it will happen to.. it wasn't suppose to happen to us. But it did. And there will always be the question of why. That may never be answered. But one thing will always ring out from us no matter what.
WE ARE COLUMBINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love from the bottom of my heart,
Lindsey Benge (Columbine Sophomore)

Thoughts from the Staff

Hi Everyone, I want to welcome all of you to this Very Special Issue of "GMG Newz and Updates" As you all know by now a Terrible Tragedy took Place Last Tuesday In Littleton Colorado at Columbine High School and I Think this has affected all of us in one way or another. Earlier this Afternoon I had the Pleasure of talking to Lindsey Benge who is a Student at Columbine High School and a Member of GMG. Lindsey reached out to us On Saturday when she sent us an email requesting us to Add a Little something in our Newsletter about the Tragedy that took place and when I and the Rest of the GMG Staff read this it Brought it all a Little Closer to home and so we decided to Devote the Entire Issue to Lindsey and her Fellow School mates at Columbine. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to each and every student and family and all the teachers and staff of Columbine High School and the entire community of Littleton, Colorado. Its hard to believe something like this could take place in one of our schools, as a Student I have never thought twice about being safe in school but then something like this happens and it wakes you up to the reality of life. What Happened in Littleton must never be allowed to happen again and we must all work together as a Society to make sure it never does. Please everyone lets not forget what has Happened, lets not let the Death of 15 people be in vain, allow their memories to live on in all of us and let them stand as a reminder that we need to be aware of all the Problems that surround us in life and that we should never hesitate to reach out for help or to offer help and maybe that way we can prevent the Tragedy at Littleton from ever happening again anywhere else. If you want to share your thoughts of the events of this Past week in Littleton I encourage all of you to visit The Website that Lindsey Mentioned at: Columbine High School There you can Email your Comments, thoughts, Prayers and Wishes to the Students and Familles of Littleton, Colorado and Also you might want to check out our Member Site of the Week Page which has Two Sites On it which were created by GMG members devoted to the Tragedy in Littleton. I Hope all of you keep The Students, Families and the Entire Community of Littleton in your Prayers.
Take Care & God Bless You All
GMG Ring Manager
*Sophomore~ New York*

Tuesday's incident has left us all shaken. All across the country people are mourning for both the victims and the survivors of the Columbine High shooting. When I first heard about this I didn't know many details. Just that there had been a shooting at a school in Colorado. As the story unfolded and more details became available I soon realized the extent of this tragedy. Once I turned on the news I couldn't draw myself away from it. I suppose that I was in too much shock from what happened. No one at my school had really addressed this problem until today when it took a bomb threat rumor to make the administration realize that something really needs to be done about this. Am I scared to go to school? In a sense, yes. In the back of my mind I know that most likely nothing will happen but that fear is constantly there. It will take time for everyone to recover from this but even then I don't think that things will ever be quite the same again. My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims and all of the other students that witnessed this crime.

Assistant Ring Manager

Take a moment and say a prayer for those involved in the Columbine High School tradegy. We wont really ever know what they were thinking as they proceded in taking the lives of their fellow classmates. Some say it's because they were teased, others say it had to do with Hitler's birthday. We can't really specify a reason, but we can say it shouldnt have happened. Students suffered the worst ever possible. Some laid and watched as their friends lives were innocently taken. Even if it was in revenge, killing is not the answer. That doesnt make matters any easier. Then taking their own lives? Why? Why would they want to do something so cruel. I cant imagine the hurt and greif the students, staff, family and friends are going through, but I would like to send out my prayers to them. The one's who's lives were taken, will shine down on their family and friends and meet up with them again one day. May God be with each and every person involved.

Chief Recriuter

Violence is never the answer to anything; Who knew what was going through the minds of the two, possibly three, gunman on that day. I can't even begin to imagine all the pain and sadness everyone involved has been going through. Remember, though, that all who were killed as a result of this tragedy are now Angels, watching you every moment of every day and protecting you from all harm. Friends are truly Angels; Now, those who have died truly are. Always remember in your hearts that somewhere, someday, you'll be reunited with those who were lost, and to live your life not in depression, but in being as happy as you possibly can, because that's the way I'm sure everyone would like you to be. God bless you all. :)

Assistant Recruiter
*7th Grader~Wyoming*

On April 20, 1999, PVHS's [one out of two] senior ditch days, I woke up to a horrible "breaking news alert" on my TV. About 5 min later my phone does not quit ringing... I am a former Colorado resident, I lived about 8 miles outside of Littleton, my father worked in Littleton, and my brother played A LOT of Lacrosse at Columbine H.S... a few of my best friends are in Colorado and danced with one of the girls who died, they called in tears and told me what was going on. Its horrible to hear what kids can do to other kids to make them feel so bad, and how they can rampage! They said they had gone to the school the other day, and left some flowers and said a few prayers. She claimed the whole deal, "unreal, and like a horrible dream." I can only imagine what the kids parents, who kids have passed on are going though. And the parents of the killers... how could they not know? There are many answers that will not be found out, and a years worth of planning of bombing and mass killing people will live in peoples minds forever. This is not the 1st shooting at a school, but this is the one that touches me the most.. and is not clear.. 2 older kids should have gotten caught by there parents, or should have know better! I'm not meaning to say the same thing over and over, and say that teens are crazy kids that don't know anything, because there are a lot of great kids out there that will make our future bigger and brighter than it is now, but 1st we have to overcast the wrong doings of some sick people to see the good. Overall all my prayers go to CHS and the friends and family's of the innocent people who have passed on...
Peace be with you
Awards Coordinator

You are all in our prayers, just remember to try and stay strong. I tried to find the words to offer my sympathy or to ease the pain. The best way I could think to pay tribute to those who died was to write a poem. Here it is my tribute to all those who died that tragic day at Columbine High, you will be remember forever.


Before we had the chance,
Everything changed and you were gone
Before we could say goodbye
You closed your eyes that final time

We never said "We love you"
We never even said goodbye
But we know one thing true
You were loved and your memory will never die

A single moment in time
Or just one last dance
To say goodbye
To have that chance

Even though you are gone
In our hearts you will always stay
More that a single tear we cried
When God came to take you away

Chat Room Coordinator
*Sophomore~North Carolina*

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Remember Columbine

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Stop the Violence!

In Memory of the fallen heros...

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