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Kris's Home Page

Are You People Ready?
Ok Then Here We Go
Its Time To Visit With The Krisman!



Dont mind the Goaltender, hes just Hanging Out




Name and Location:
Hi everybody, My name is Kris thats short for Kristopher but i prefer Kris, thats me on the top left. I live In The Greenpoint Section of Brooklyn, New York where i live with my Mom and Dad.
I was born on March 10th 1983~Im 16 years old. I go to Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan (NYC) where im a Sophomore~10th Grade and I work After School and Weekends at Loews Cineplex Theatre.

Hobbies and Interests:
I have lots of Hobbies and Interests, I play Soccer, Baseball and Hockey (Hockey is my Favorite Sport). I enjoy Biking, Bladin and Ice Skating.
I love Alternative Music and some Rock, My Favorite Bands are Oasis, Savage Garden,The Dave Matthews Band and The Gin Blossoms.
I also Love Sci-Fi and Horror Movies, my Favorites are The Star Trek Movies, Scream, Halloween, Alien, Terminator 1&2 and The Lost Boys.
My Favorite and Most Important Activity is Spending as much time as possible with my Friends Both Online and in Person because after all they are the ones that count

Here's Another Pic Of Me Just Stylin and Profilin

The little Red Guy you see below is the Emblem of my Hockey Team "The Greenpoint Devils" We are a part of The Greater Metropolitan Ice Hockey League here in the Tri-State Area.

Greenpoint Devils

I want to take this Opportunity To Say Hi to all My Friends

Laura, Jennifer, Cortney, Sean, Lance, Krystal, Lisa, David, Zach, Chris, Kara, Nikki, Jonathan, Amy, Sunnie, Sandy, Joey and Cara.

And There You Have It
The Best Group of Friends a Guy can Have


Index To Kris's Home Page
Here's My Famous Picture Gallery full of photos of me and my Buds, Check it Out: Kris's Picture Gallery
Heres where you can go to Check out Your Zodiac Sign and find out what Positive and Negative Qualities are Inherited by you and other people Born Under your Sign-All My Online Friends are Listed: Kris's Zociac Page
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Im a Big Star Trek Fan so i thought i would create my Own Star Trek Page, It covers everything from the Original Series right Through The Latest Movie. If your a Star Trek Fan then this is a Must see Page: Kris's Star Trek Page
My First Picture Gallery was such a Success that I Created a Second, there you will find more Pics of me and my Online Friends, Click Away:
Picture Gallery 2-The Sequel
Ready to be Scared? Well ive made my Own Horror Page Complete with Monsters, Ghost and things that go Bump in the Night: Kris's Horror Show
How About a Visit to The Big Apple? I Love New York so Much that ive created a Page with all the Sights that NYC has to Offer, Go Take a Look:
New York, New York
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Kris's Awards Page
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Here's a Link to my High Schools Home Page:
Stuyvesant High School: Main Page

Here's Where I Work After School & Weekends:
Loews Cineplex Entertainment

Here are Some Links to My Favorite Bands:
Savage Garden

The Official Oasis Home Page -- index

The Dave Matthews Band

The Gin Blossoms Home Page

Here are The Links to My Favorite Teams in Professional Sports:
(New York All The Way)
Hockey-------New York Rangers Home Page

Baseball---- New York Yankees Home Page

Football---- New York Giants Home Page

Basketball- New York Knicks Home Page

Here are a couple of Links that can tell you about where i live -Greenpoint, Brooklyn- Take a Look:
Greenpoint Links

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Click for Brooklyn, New York Forecast

Well its been Fun, If you want to share your thoughts about my Home Page or if you just want to say Hi, feel free to E-mail me anytime --- I hope to hear from all of you very soon and Hey dont leave without signing my Guest Book.
Well thats about it see you all Online ~ Bye.


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The End

Please Come Again Soon

This Page Was Last UpdatedOn May 11th 1999


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